Ship Personnel Training Institiute (SPTI) started its journey in the year 2013 near the locality named “Kumartek” situated on the west bank of lower Kumar River with the name “Ship Personnel Training Institiute”. The Bangladesh Inland Water Transport Authority (BIWTA) has been set up for the development, maintenance and control of inland water transport and of certain inland navigable waterways. Among other functions, BIWTA has the responsibility to arrange training programme for Inland Water Transport Personnel. In pursuance BIWTA established its first inland maritime training centre named as “Deck Personnel Training Centre” (DPTC) at 1970. To meet the growing demand of skilled Inland as well as International ship personnel in maritime sector, BIWTA decided to build its third maritime training institute in Madaripur named as Ship Personnel Training Institiute (SPTI). In the year 2019, Authority shifted the institute to its new building, built on its own acquired 5 (Five) acres of land on the West bank of lower Kumar river in Kumartek, Madaripur.