The following Training courses are being provided in this centre, accessing the importance of River-way in the field of inland Transportation in Bangladesh, to manage a large number of Passenger & Freight vessels and to prepare proficient man power (Master, Driver, Sarong/Boatswain, Sucanny, Greaser etc.):

Marine Apprentice (Cadet) Course

At present one year long Deck & Engine apprentice courses are running in the Centre. In these courses 50 apprentice cadets are being trained, among them 25 are Deck cadets and 25 are Engine cadets. After successfully completing their training, cadets usually get appointments in inland and foreign going vessels as Lashkar/Sucanny/Greaser.

In-Service (Preparatory & Refresher)

These courses provide training in different periods to the inland crew/workers from different Government & Non-government inland shipping companies. On the basis of this training they prepare themselves for the Examination to achieve their professional certificate from Deck & Engine department which is required to promote themselves.

In-Service (Inland Pilot & Master)

Only the Marksmen, Pilots and Master Pilots from BIWTA attend these courses to improve their professional efficiency and to attain necessary requirements to promote themselves for their next professional stage.

Passenger Ship Endorsement Course

This course is introduced to improve the professional efficiency of Masters working on passenger vessels. It is a 7 days long course.

Basic Safety Training

As per STCW’10 under Basic Safety Training (BST), 4 (Four) ancillary courses are running in this centre which are approved by Department of Shipping.

  • Personal Survival Technique (PST).
  • Fire prevention and Fire fighting (FPFF).
  • Elementary First Aid (EFA)
  • Personal Safety and Social Responsibility (PSSR)
Basic RADAR & VHF Training

At present a combined course of BST, RADAR, VHF Operation & Chart Work is running in DEPTC to improve the professional efficiency of Inland First Class Master.

Diploma in Marine Transportation

SPTI Madaripur plans to introduce 4 year Diploma in Marine Transportation course in the future.

Diploma in Marine Engineering

SPTI Madaripur plans to introduce 4 year Diploma in Marine Engineering course in the future.

Construction of Modern Marine Workshop

SPTI Madaripur plans to construct a world class modern marine workshop in the future.

Modern RADAR Station

SPTI Madaripur plans to install a modern Marine RADAR Station in the future.

Marine Radio Station

SPTI Madaripur plans to install a modern Marine Radio Station in the future.

Sediment & Water quality Testing Lab

SPTI Madaripur plans to install a Sediment & Water quality testing lab in the future.